Of All Things Cringe in Yellowstone, Those Sex Scenes Were The Worst


Sometimes it’s just better not to try to make a strong scene if your knowledge is one-dimensional.

Yellowstone has had a huge fandom since the moment the show was released. But oddly enough, there are as many haters of the show as there are true fans.

The main reason they don’t like it is that the show as a whole is kind of creepy.

And every time there’s a discussion about the series, there’s always something new for viewers to cringe about.

“Yellowstone is predictable, unbelievable, completely without subtext, not trusting its audience in the least by spelling everything out. So many plot holes, Kelly Reilly is the biggest over actor on prime time,” Redditor TheNealDeal1 said.

Well, not the best description of a popular show, huh? Still, while some haters just don’t like the idea of the show’s existence, the other half just hate specific storylines development or particular scenes of the series.

For example, fans hated it when their favorite character, Beth, who was actually the most powerful female character on the show for the first three seas ons, suddenly became this boring woman who is, frankly, a cringeworthy caricature of her former self.


And that’s not the only time fans feel uncomfortable when there are female characters on screen. But it’s not the actors’ fault, it’s actually the showrunner in combination with the writers who made fans hate those particular scenes. And yes, we are talking about the ones that are supposed to be sexy.


“I LOVE this show, but everytime the women come onto the men in ridiculous ways I can’t help but think, oh yeah, this is totally written by a man. This show depicts the male fantasy where all the women are coming onto the men all the time. Even when paralyzed in the hospital, a beautiful girl has sex with you in the bed…” Redditor JacqAttacq89 said.

It seems that fans were really annoyed that Sheridan managed to skip the female gaze of sexuality altogether. Instead, the women in his show are actually all like Beth from season 4, but thankfully only when it comes to sex.

Fans are really sad about the fact that the show’s creators didn’t spend enough time doing research on how to create strong female characters who are believable in every possible scene.

Well, hopefully Sheridan will learn from his mistakes for his future projects, since Yellowstone is about to yee its last haw after Kevin Costner’s exit.


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