‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan ‘Begging’ Kevin Costner to Finish Out Series Despite ‘Bad Blood’: Sources


Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is begging Kevin Costner to return to the hit show and finish out the series — but sources revealed the actor has made his stance clear, has learned.

“Kevin would very much like to resume shooting to give his character, John Dutton, a proper send-off — not to mention complete the story he’s worked so hard on for so many years,” said a source.

“But there’s just too much bad blood that exists now between Taylor and Kevin with all of the sniping that’s gone on. It’s a relationship Kevin feels is beyond repair — no matter what Taylor says now,” the insider added.

As previously reported, sources close to the situation said Yellowstone was axed in May after Costner, 68, insisted on cutting back on his shooting days in Montana. The production closed without completing the last six episodes of the fifth and final season, but insiders squeal that filming will resume — without Yellowstone’s leading man!

Sources spilled Sheridan, 53, recently made a last-ditch bid to mend fences acknowledging Costner undeservedly took the bulk of the backlash for Yellowstone’s cancellation “on the chin.”


He also praised Costner’s “powerful” portrayal of the Dutton patriarch. An insider spilled, “Taylor is doing everything he can to make this right. He’s poured too much of himself into the show and its scripts to see it finished in any way but according to his vision. It’s just a shame Kevin has been so adamant about not returning because it’s the fans that lose in the end.”


However, sources said the actor currently has too much on his plate to worry about his old TV stomping grounds as he juggles his messy divorce from his estranged wife Christine and his longtime passion project — the four-part Civil War epic Horizon: An American Saga.

As we first reported, Costner is currently attempting to have his estranged wife kicked out of his $145 million estate in Santa Barbara. He claims her refusal is a violation of their prenuptial agreement which said she had to move out within 30 days of a divorce being filed.


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