How Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Really Feels About Constantly Getting Confused For Sam Elliott

Forrie J. Smith has received this comparison so frequently that he has taken to social media and addressed the fact that his likeness is so prominent.


Yellowstone is a dramatic western style television series that first debuted in 2018. The series follows a powerful family of ranchers who deal with complications both in the house and out on the ranch. There are several factors outside the property that affect the work the Dutton family can do, and the evils of corruption and unsolved murder also play a part in their daily lives.

Forrie J. Smith was cast to play Lloyd Pierce and has appeared in almost every episode so far. Smith brings a uniquely specific perspective to this show, as he actually grew up in the country and has firsthand experience with farms and ranches. In talking to Good Housekeeping, he shared, “When you grow up on a ranch, you grow up with life and death. Anything detrimental to the ranch or our way of life is an enemy and needs to be taken care of one way or another.”

Not only does Forrie J. Smith bring something to the table behind the scenes with his intimate knowledge of how things are run on the ranch, but he is notably favored in the media for his interactions with fellow actors. Kevin Costner is the front-runner of Yellowstone, playing the patriarch of the Dutton family on the show. In Smith’s interview, he talked about working alongside this big-name celebrity, saying, “I’m just a country kid from Montana on screen with an Academy Award winner. This is a dream come true for me, or actually, any actor.”

Along with gushing about the celebrities he gets to work alongside, Forrie has addressed one particular fan comment: his resemblance to actor Sam Elliott. He has received this comparison so frequently over the years that he has taken to social media and addressed the fact that his likeness is so prominent.

How Forrie J. Smith Got Into Acting

Because of his distinct look, it is pretty easy to type-cast Forrie J. Smith. Fortunately for him, he enjoys the types of productions that go along with that! As someone who looks pretty rugged and manly, he can be seen in films and TV series that center on wild west/cowboy themes.

His first acting job came in 1987 when he was hired to play “Harley, Calvin’s Sidekick” in the made-for-TV movie Desperado. In the 90s he went on to act in 11 other titles, ranging from films to television shows, though he often played the same type of character. He later booked rolls in prominent productions, such as Better Call Saul, Seven Mummies, and in 2018, Yellowstone.

Not only did Smith get into acting thanks to his western look and bravado, but he quickly showed his worth by performing his own stunts. Between 1988 and 2006, Forrie worked stunts in 6 movies, including Rambo III, Aces: Iron Eagle III, and even his movie Seven Mummies.

Since rising to prominence with such a wide audience thanks to Yellowstone, Forrie J. Smith has been getting a lot of comments about his appearance. With his grey hair and the way he trims his mustache, many people have been pointing out that he looks like he could easily be related to fellow actor Sam Elliott.


Despite their similarities, Smith and Elliott have no relation. Not only do they look alike, but many people were also thrown off that they have played similar rolls in their respective careers. While Sam Elliott has a much larger Hollywood resume, some of his works like You Know My Name and Rough Riders depict him as a western cowboy, much like Forrie’s roll in Yellowstone.

What Forrie J. Smith Thinks About The Sam Elliott Comparison

For actors who work to make a name for themselves, constantly getting confused for someone else could quickly become agitating. I mean, everyone wants to be remembered! But Forrie J. Smith’s response to the frequent comparisons to Sam Elliott show just what he thinks of the situation.



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“Thank you all..for comparing me to the great icon image ‘Sam Elliott’!! I have worked with him and respect him so much!!” writes Forrie on an Instagram post from June 2020. Because of the amount of roles Sam Elliott has taken on successfully thus far, he has become quite an icon, and Smith is honored to be compared to someone of that high caliber.

Responses to the video he shared on social media proves even further that people are still blown away by the close likeness. One commenter wrote, “I thought you WERE him at first! Wow!!” Another marveled at the revelation, saying, “I would have put money on it in the first episode of 1883 that he was you. I kept saying to my husband, that’s not the same guy?! Pretty sure he wanted to slap me.”

Is Sam Elliott In Yellowstone?

Despite what many viewers may think, Sam Elliott is not in Yellowstone, it is all Forrie J. Smith. However, Sam Elliott does have a role in the Yellowstone prequel series, 1883. In Yellowstone, Forrie J. Smith is joined by an incredible cast that includes big names like Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Luke Grimes. The show has been on since 2018, and revealed that Yellowstone will come to a close with the second half of season five set to release towards the end of 2023.

While Forrie J. Smith has spent the last 5 years dedicated to this series, Sam Elliott has been working on numerous other projects. He finished acting on the hit series The Ranch, appeared in several episodes of Family Guy, and acted in the films A Star is Born and the live action Lady and the Tramp, along with starring in a few other television shows.


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