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Kevin Costner Will Decide Himself How He’s Written Off Yellowstone, Thank You Very Much


Now that’s how the Dutton family patriarch runs things in this town.

Yellowstone may be yee-hawing into its final moments, as well as Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton, but the Western star appears to insist that he needs to have a say in how the iconic cowboy exits stage.

According to Puck News, Costner won’t even commit to returning in Yellowstone’s final episodes “until he finds out and is comfortable with how his John Dutton character is written out of the franchise.”

The outlet notes that the Yellowstone star wants to prevent his character from being butchered by the showrunner, should Taylor Sheridan pull a Shonda Rhimes on John Dutton and do something to him that resembles Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey exit.

Well, given that Yellowstone fans have been pretty critical of the show’s handling of their faves recently, Costner’s conditions may be quite reasonable.

After all, even though the actor is leaning to work on another Western, titled Horizon, he seems to still care about John Dutton. Naturally, fans wouldn’t want to see the character botched either.


Yellowstone is now set to bid adieu in November, and a sequel is already planned to release in December, so there’s little time for the creative team to come up with something decent.


However, now that Costner has made his demands clear, they might have to do everything they can to send John Dutton off in a proper way.

And even if Costner likes his send-off, it doesn’t necessarily mean that fans will; even though the fandom generally agrees that the decision to pull the plug on the show is for the best.

Yellowstone comes to its conclusion amid the beef between Costner and Sheridan, which allegedly roots in the scheduling conflict and Costner’s demands to change the shooting schedule into something he’d be more comfortable with.

The November finale, according to Puck News, was announced even though there was no definitive answer from Costner’s team on whether he’s ready to return.

Cowboy drama, right? It’s a pity it all ends in November… if it does, after all.


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