The Surprising Yellowstone Character That Fans Can’t Help But Love


The characters on Paramount Network’s Yellowstone pretty much run the gamut on the D&D alignment chart. Some are just trying to do their best, while others seem bound and determined to do the absolute worst. Between intra-family feuds and disputes between factions, the series is constantly dealing with some kind of conflict, and it’s for that reason we often tend to see what each of the characters is truly made of.

Look, it’s understandable — the stakes for everyone from the Duttons to the Becks (who might have been based on real-life brothers) are incredibly high. Their whole livelihoods are on the line. Heck, their actual lives are often on the line. While fans of Yellowstone may choose sides and have a hard time agreeing on who to root for, there is at least one character that everyone seems to agree deserves some love. He’s not exactly a main player, but the way he’s incorporated into the series has resulted in some of the series’ lightest moments, injecting some oft-needed heart into the mix.

Let’s take a look at which surprising Yellowstone character fans can’t help but love — Gator, the Dutton’s cook, who’s managed to endear himself to fans despite minimal screen time. Here’s his story, and why fans love him so much.

Yellowstone fans think Gator deserves a place of honor in the Dutton family

In a recent thread on the Yellowstone subreddit, u/MichaelJordansToupee poised a question that’s been, um, burning in the back of his mind: “Here’s a dumb, YET amusing question: has Gaitor been branded?”


The Reddit user followed up his question with some context about why he thinks the Dutton family’s chef is worthy of such a distinction: “He’s obviously a pretty good cook, even though it seems like EVERY meal is ruined by someone storming off, I just thought it would be funny if he had been branded as well.”


For those who don’t remember, or are just getting into Yellowstone, a hired hand gets branded whenever they’ve proven their loyalty to the family. Though Gator (Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau, who doubles as a real member of the craft services team at Yellowstone) has appeared in all three seasons of Yellowstone, albeit only in a handful of episodes, he’s definitely made a mark on fans like u/lebavard, who responded with, “I have so many questions about Gaitor [sic]. Does he live in the house? How many family secrets does he know? It was funny watching him perfect biscuits only to be asked to serve children’s cereal. He may have the most underrated job on the ranch.”

So, it seems like fans love the fact that he’s managed to steal scenes with his awkward yet mysterious role in the Dutton household. Whether or not he ends up getting branded or not, it sounds like Gator definitely hasn’t worn out his welcome — and we’d love to see more of him.


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