The Teeter Scene That Went Too Far On Yellowstone


As the “Yellowstone” franchise continues to expand with the recently-released prequel “1883” and the upcoming spin-off “6666,” fans haven’t hesitated to share how they really feel about what’s happening in the Western drama’s universe. Most notably, they’ve been open about what they wish the show would spend more time exploring.

Across social media, fans have expressed some worry about the possibility of Teeter’s (Jennifer Landon) future on the series. The pink-haired ranch hand and her perplexing Texan accent first appeared on “Yellowstone” in Season 3, and she quickly became a fan favorite as she proved she was just as tough and hard-working as the men of the Yellowstone Ranch, rightfully earning her spot in the bunkhouse.

As a branded ranch hand, fans were surprised when Teeter was dragged into the ongoing drama with the “buckle bunnies” at the bunkhouse. This lead to a situation in Episode 6, “I Want to Be Him,” that some fans felt took things too far.

Yellowstone fans couldn’t believe Teeter was almost fired

Across social media platforms, “Yellowstone” fans expressed their shock that when John Dutton (Kevin Costner) banned women from the bunkhouse to put an end to the antics over barrel racer Laramie (Hassie Harrison), he was including Teeter. Even though this was resolved in the following episode, “Keep the Wolves Close,” fans didn’t think she should’ve had to cry and beg for her job.


On Twitter, @WidowPage wrote “…the whole ‘yeah Teeter got her job back’ scene was SO annoying because she never should have been fired in the first place! She’s the hardest worker there and Dutton would fire her? He’s an idiot.”

On the “Yellowstone” subreddit, u/CarelessUse5861 pointed out how hypocritical it was that Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J. Smith) “almost murders a branded wrangler, and he gets to stick around.” Which is true — the men involved in the feud over the bunkhouse women aren’t told to leave the ranch.

However, another Redditor wrote, “After last week’s episode I posted that Teeter should confront John and flash him her brand to show that she’s loyal to it and the ranch. I jumped off the sofa and actually started to cry when she did exactly that! You go girl!”

No matter how “Yellowstone” fans feel about how it went down, it seems that everyone is happy that Teeter isn’t going anywhere for now.


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