‘1923’ Season Two Hit With Bad News Amid Writers’ Strike


It might be awhile before fans get new episodes of “1923.”

The hit “Yellowstone” prequel with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren was a massive hit from the moment it premiered in December 2022. Fans have been locked and loaded for season two, which will likely be the last one, ever since season one ended at the end of February.

How will the Duttons respond to war at their doorstep? Will Spencer link back up with Alexandra? Can he save the ranch?

These are the questions fans desperately want answered. Unfortunately, it could be awhile before a new episode hits Paramount+.

“1923” season two could be delayed.

FWTX.com reported it’s was expected for season two to start shooting at some point in 2023, but it’s now unclear if that will happen due to the ongoing writers’ strike. If the strike doesn’t end sooner rather than later, production on the hit series could be delayed and viewers could be waiting until 2024 until new episodes drop.

Fortunately, Taylor Sheridan has proved he’s more than capable of quickly turning around projects. Season one started shooting July 2022 and premiered in December. It’s definitely possible to get season two cranked out.

However, it’s already June and there’s no indication the series will fire up cameras soon. That means fans could easily end up waiting until 2024 for the premiere season two.


There’s nothing worse in the entertainment world than having huge breaks between seasons of great television.

The worst example of that fact was the three year wait between seasons three and four of “Stranger Things.” That’s simply a shocking amount of time between seasons of television.

One year is considered standard. Anything 10 months or less is considered outstanding. Once you hit 15 months between seasons, people start getting pretty frustrated. Three years is simply comical.

“1923” fans definitely don’t want to wait long at all. Season one wrapped up in February with an outstanding ending. Taylor Sheridan, per usual, left fans craving much more.

Having to wait until summer 2024 would be torture. Season two arriving by the end of 2023 or early 2024 is what everyone is hoping for.

Unfortunately, the writer’s strike doesn’t appear to be ending at any point in the near future. That means “1923” and plenty of other projects could come to a grinding halt.

For the sake of my selfish entertainment needs, we need “1923” and all of Sheridan’s other projects rolling. Just get it done!


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