Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 9 Return Date Revealed: Unlocking the Secrets of Beth’s Journey


As you get yourselves prepared for Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 on Paramount Network later this year, want to know what lies ahead? This is a deep, dramatic world with a lot of crazy twists and turns, and we certainly think that there are more on the way!

Of course, the big problem is knowing just when we’re going to see the show back — “summer” is all the network has said, though we personally tend to think it is going to be around July.

So while we do endure this rather frustrating hiatus, isn’t it at least nice to have some more scoop? While there are a lot of mysteries in the present — including how far Jamie and Beth will go to stop or kill each other — there is also going to be some great stuff in the past. In a new interview with TV Insider, Kylie Rogers (who plays the younger version of Beth)

I would definitely say she’s on the road to becoming the older Beth as we see her now, a little more jaded, a little more cautious of people, a little more hardened, and kind of more bada–. It’s really exciting to see this side of her, but she’s still scared and she’s still has this sort of innocent side to her, I think, even though we don’t really see it much anymore. She’s definitely on the road to becoming Beth though.


Rogers could not say how much more we’ll see in terms of flashbacks versus the first part of the season, but it does still seem like they are coming! What’s rather funny about all of this is just how many timelines there are now in the Dutton Ranch world. You’ve got the present, the flashback era, and then technically everything we’ve seen in both 1883 and now 1923. To think, there could still be another prequel coming at some other point down the road!

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, be sure to come back for some other updates down the road. (Photo: Paramount Network.)


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