‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Lots of Thoughts About Jamie’s New Relationship With Sarah Atwood


The Dutton family’s complications are only escalating as the fifth season of Yellowstone progresses, and fans are sounding off. John isn’t the only one in hot water, as Jamie (Wes Bentley) got himself into quite a predicament recently when he hooked up with Sarah Atwood (Dawn Oliveri), who is actually an attorney for Market Equities.

Fans can’t seem to get over the white-collar Dutton getting so easily seduced by the enemy. Or the fact that he has a scheme brewing against his family. Sarah, being the professional she is, quickly ropes Jamie in to agree to her plan – an affair that will push John Dutton out as governor of Montana.

“This whole scene with Jamie is upsetting my stomach,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another Yellowstone watcher seems to imply that Sarah has a hold of something personal of Jame’s. “The woman got the griper of all grippers. Every scene Jamie is in deep Lmao,” they joked. Meanwhile, one fan can’t help but fear how this will all unfold for Jamie. “So Jamie’s going to let Sarah in to help him get the ranch away from John… he’s a fool for this one something bad is going to happen sooner than we think,” they Tweeted. Finally, another fan sees the writing on the wall for Jamie pulling a stunt like this against his family.

Why the latest episode of ‘Yellowstone’ has fans questioning Jamie


So what exactly has fans of the show so stirred up? In the latest episode, Jamie complains to Sarah about how John seemingly “hates” him for making the changes he asked for. Sarah believes John’s distaste is actually due to jealousy and fear of change – both of which she thinks are vital if Yellowstone is going to survive. On that point, Jamie agrees.


Later, Sarah visits Jamie at work and tells him that John has created a legal problem by putting the land allocated for the airport into a conservation easement. Market Equities will soon sue Montana, which could cost the state around $4 billion and cause it to go bankrupt. Of course, Sarah’s goal is to remove John as governor and replace him with Jamie. “Sounds like an impeachable offense to me,” she tells Jamie.

He seems to be all ears as she really sells the idea to him. “We’re fully committed to your election. Our PAC will fund it… This is your chance to become governor and get our f**king land back.” Jamie wholeheartedly agrees with the plan to impeach John and even practices his speech at the end of the episode. He argues that John’s actions are a threat to Montana residents’ quality of life. Sarah is obviously pleased with his rehearsal. “I think it’s perfect,” she says.


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